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12 Jumbo Tray Classroom Storage
12 Jumbo Tray Classroom Storage
12 Jumbo Tray Classroom Storage
  • SKU: MAP1015 - Tray:Red - Colour:Beech

12 Jumbo Tray Classroom Storage

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Finding space in cramped classrooms can be a tricky task. That's why we offer this 12 tray storage unit designed specifically for large school environments like yours! Each of our Gratnells trays features 3 separate compartments that can hold many items, cards, and tools safely without damaging them over time or posing security risks. Offering 4 columns of 12 trays together means you'll have plenty of room to store things neatly away inside your desk drawers, on top of shelves, and against the back wall creating an open space for clear sight lines &; free movement.
  • 12 Jumbo tray unit
  • Complete with Gratnells trays
  • 4 column of 3 Trays
  • Beech or Maple available 
  • W1358 x D453 x H1067mm

Furniture that is used in an educational setting needs to maintain a level of safety, furniture needs to be sturdy and well-built so that it withstands regular and sometimes heavy-handed use. To prevent accidents from occurring it is vital that any furniture used by children is fitted with the appropriate fittings and fixtures. 

Storage is an essential part of organisation in the classroom. The more organised the environment the easier everything will run, maximising the learning experience for the students. Our selection of space saving storage makes organisation fun with brightly coloured draws even the children will find tidying up after themselves easy.