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Sensory Soft Play Mirror Cube
Sensory Soft Play Mirror Cube
Sensory Soft Play Mirror Cube
  • SKU: SP1039-P

Sensory Soft Play Mirror Cube

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Softplay mirror cube with deformable soft mirror.

  • Develops self awareness.
  • Child can interact and have fun by deforming the mirror.
  • Geometric shaped mirrors for early shape recognition.
  • Wipe clean vinyl cover.
  • No hard edges.
  • Meets all relevant safety standards.

Size W x D x H300 x 300 x 300mm

Mirrors for Development 

Mirrors are a great sensory stimulus used in many nursery and school settings. A great tool for developing a child's visual senses, it also helps to build connections in the brain and encourage  'scientific thinking' and problem solving.

​​The child friendly design enables up-close exploration of facial features and expressions.

Practising different faces and matching them with corresponding moods is a helpful step in self-regulation. Using the mirror also encourages children to mimic expressions, sound out words and develop sounds.

Shatter Proof Glass

In schools we know that safety is of paramount importance. When looking at classroom equipment featuring mirrors, toughened and laminated glass are always advised offering a tough, robust structure that is hard to break, and if broken, won't shatter into sharp pieces, helping to protect young children and adults.