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4 Reasons why your classroom would benefit from a large classroom rug

by Tabitha Loose on November 26, 2021

 As a leading provider of education carpets and classroom rugs we believe that rugs and carpets can be an essential tool not only for designing a friendly environment but for classroom management as well. However, did you know that having rugs in the classroom has other benefits as well? Check out our blog for 4 reasons why large rugs and carpets will improve your classroom.



Large classroom carpets are a great behavioural tool, encouraging all your students to sit still is near impossible but with a colourful rug acting as an anchor things get a lot easier. Large carpets offer enough space for all your class to sit comfortably.  Students won't question where to sit because they know that sitting on the rug is required - and if even one student decides not to obey this rule then it's easy enough just to move them away from their classmates who are trying hard. The edges of these rugs also become defined places for kids- so be sure no one gets too close or sits outside of those lines!


Let’s face it not all classrooms are aesthetically pleasing, why not brighten your classroom with a large rug or carpet? Majority of children love a stimulating and colourful learning environment, large rigs offer a friendly and happy message in the classroom. Kids are carried away by colours and designs. Keeping the whole class entertained.


When children are sat huddled together in a group it makes them feel a lot more comfortable and relax. Allowing them to speak with a wider variety of peers. Often, students never sit in the same place every time which gives everyone the opportunity to talk to the child next to them. But if you like them in assigned seats, rugs with predefined squares or rounds can give you that order.

When kids are sitting around the carpet, everyone is facing the teacher. When you ask, it’s also easier for them to “turn and talk” during a lesson. Circling in the carpet also provides a smaller space, so it helps the quieter students speak up a little more.


Ensuring everyone is safe in the classroom is top priority for teachers, large classroom carpets offer a cushioned surface in case of falls. Classroom carpets also lessen the likelihood of slips as they suction to your floor and offer more grip. 

Did you know that carpet traps allergens and other particles that fall to the floor so they don’t circulate in the air. In fact many studies have suggested that with hard flooring more airborne dust particles are distributed throughout the air which then in turn enter the breathing zone. Carpets solve this problem as they are able to trap more particles so that walking disturbed fewer particles, resulting in less dust in the breathing zone.

Designed to be durable classroom rugs can last years making them one of the best investments for your space. At classroom direct we offer a wide range of classroom carpets that have years’ worth of warranty. Shop our full collection here