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          Kitchens (29)

          Mini Corner Mud Kitchen


          Outdoor Mud Kitchen - Small


          Small Outdoor Corner Kitchen For Schools


          Natural Kitchen Set of 4 - Cooker, Sink, Washer, Fridge (H550mm)


          Stamford Kitchen Set in Maple (Microwave, Sink, Fridge, Washer & Cooker)


          Toddler Mud Kitchen


          Outdoor Utility Kitchen


          Outdoor Super-Size Mud Kitchen


          Outdoor Messy Mud Kitchen


          Outdoor Messy Corner Kitchen


          Mud Kitchen


          Early Years Play Kitchen


          Children's Creative Kitchen


          Kitchen Sink


          Kitchen Oven


          Kitchen Washing Machine


          Kitchen Storage Unit with Drawer


          Kitchen Corner Shelving


          Kitchen Corner Cupboard


          Kitchen Fridge Freezer


          Kitchen Fridge


          Outdoor Low-Level Kitchen


          Set of 4 Wolds Kitchen Units


          Wolds Complete Toddler Kitchen


          Roll Unfold Kitchen - Small


          Natural Kitchen Set of 4 - Cooker, Fridge, Washer, Sink (H400mm)


          Large Mud Kitchen


          Kitchen Set 2


          Kitchen Set 1


          Educational Kitchens For Schools

          Our kitchens at Classroom Direct, where we bring the magic of culinary arts into the classroom. Our range of kitchen equipment is designed to teach children about nutrition, encourage cooperative play, and inspire creativity.

          Inspiring Future Chefs and Nutritionists

          Our educational kitchens serve several purposes:

          1. They act as more than just play areas, transforming into interactive learning spaces.
          2. Children get to explore nutrition and the culinary arts in a hands-on manner.
          3. Through pretend cooking sessions, children acquire knowledge about: 
            • Different food groups
            • Healthy eating habits
            • Basic culinary skills

          Encouraging Cooperative Play and Social Skills

          Cooking in our educational kitchens encourages cooperative play. Children learn to work together to prepare meals, delegate tasks, and share kitchen tools. This interaction enhances their communication skills, teaches them the value of teamwork, and fosters a sense of community.

          Enhancing Mathematical and Scientific Concepts

          Our educational kitchens also provide a practical way to teach children mathematical concepts like measurement and fractions, and scientific principles like cause and effect. As they follow pretend recipes, children practise counting, measuring, and observing changes in ingredients.

          A Diverse Selection for Every Classroom

          From small corner kitchens to large mud kitchens, we offer a wide range of educational kitchens to suit all needs and preferences:

          1. Outdoor Kitchens: Our outdoor mud kitchens and utility kitchens are perfect for exploring outdoor cooking and sensory play.
          2. Indoor Kitchens: Our indoor kitchen sets include everything from ovens and sinks to fridges and washing machines, creating a complete culinary experience.
          3. Kitchen Accessories: We offer a variety of kitchen accessories, including storage units, shelving, and drawers, to enhance organisation and functionality.

          For any queries, feel free to contact us at We're here to help you make the best choices for your educational setting.

          FAQs about Our Educational Kitchens

          Are your educational kitchens safe for children?

          Yes, our educational kitchens are designed with safety in mind. They are made from non-toxic materials and have rounded edges to prevent injuries.

          Can the kitchen equipment be used outdoors?

          While our indoor kitchen sets are designed for indoor use, we also offer a range of outdoor kitchens that are weather-resistant and suitable for outdoor play.

          Are your educational kitchens suitable for all age groups?

          Yes, our educational kitchens are designed to engage and educate children of various age groups. However, we recommend adult supervision for younger children to ensure a safe and enjoyable learning experience.

          Do you offer free shipping on educational kitchens?

          Yes, we do offer free shipping on orders over £75.

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