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Benefits of educational carpets in a classroom

by Guy Hudson on June 18, 2021

There are many reasons to install carpet in a classroom. Not only can they help with the aesthetic of your room, but you'll be able to create a more comfortable and welcoming environment for students that will make them want stay there longer!

Here's why: first off, carpets cushion falls so if someone trips or accidentally bumps into something it won't hurt as much because their fall is cushioned by the rug.

benefits of classroom carpets

That means less teacher intervention when accidents happen which makes both teachers AND children happier!

The soft feeling from carpeting also helps calm kids down before tests- giving them an edge over some competitors who may not have such luxuries available at home. But did you know rugs can actually improve learning? Yep - studies show that.

The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) believes that carpet is one of the most important features to consider for a school. The benefits are numerous, such as reducing noise in classrooms or proving more cost-effective over time. Children learn better when they can control their own reading environment, which means having carpets on your flooring will help improve indoor air quality.

Noise level reduction helps improve learning

In order to achieve optimal conditions for hearing and comprehension, schools are implementing classroom acoustics standards. One way of meeting these requirements is installing carpet as it can reduce noise 10 times better than other flooring options.

Help kids feel comfortable inside the classroom 

Carpets help the classroom have a more informal setting. This allows students to be more relaxed and settled within the classroom. Classroom carpets allow for less distributions and a smoother day for both students and teachers.

Learning via the environment

Classroom carpets can be designed to help children learn during their play time. Many of our carpets feature key development areas such as numbers, shapes and even languages. Emotion carpets can even be used for children to allow a teacher to know how they are feeling. 


Classroom carpets are designed to be durable. This means that they can last for years which makes them a cost effective piece of equipment for schools in the UK. At classroom direct we offer a wide range of classroom carpets that have years’ worth of warranty.