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How classroom carpets, mats & rugs benefit teachers

by Guy Hudson on July 23, 2021

How classroom carpets, mats & rugs benefit teachers

Walking into a classroom means getting down to business. And while it may seem like an unnecessary item, teachers know that the right rug can be their best friend in times of need! They range from about 4 feet by 5 feet up to 8 ft x 13ft with various thicknesses and are suitable for most classrooms. Teachers use these versatile pieces for many purposes: child-friendly playtime areas, quick cleanups when spilled milk happens at snack time (or after dinner), storage spaces during math class where children place manipulatives such as cubes on top of the mat so they don't scatter everywhere.

Create different areas of your room

A room within a room is created with classroom rugs. This means that the teacher's space can be well-defined, and students are easily able to find out where they should go for further instruction when told to sit on the carpet. With its easy boundaries outlined by design, kids know exactly where not to go in order avoid disrupting others sitting at their desks or other instructions taking place elsewhere in class.


Education becomes fun 

Classroom rugs are not just for decoration. These woven carpets provide the essential tools to develop a more personalized learning experience and explore creative ways to learn both indoor and outdoor lessons. Not only can they be used as an educational rug, but also serve as play mats for kids of all ages with games like hopscotch or tic-tac-toe.

A safe space for children to relax

The carpet in the classroom is a place for students who need space. It's not just any old floor mat, it provides an outline and safety net that can be used to guide those looking for alone time from other classmates. The teacher has full control of where they send their student while on the rug-no more guesswork!

Allow children to express themselves

Classroom rugs are a great way for teachers and students to express themselves. For example, there is the Emotions Rug that allows children to stand or sit on whichever emotion they're feeling at any given time while their teacher helps them talk about what's going through their minds. A rug can also be used to give encouragement after good behaviour by rewarding those who make positive choices with thumbs up or smiley faces! Giving kids a creative outlet for expression can be priceless when helping educators teach lessons in class.