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How Classroom Furniture Can Help Education

by Ben Spray on April 18, 2021

How much time do you spend thinking about your classroom environment?

If you are like most teachers and educators, then the answer is probably not enough.

One of the biggest concerns for students is how they feel in their learning space. And when a student feels good at school, that creates an atmosphere where there are less distraction and more engagement with what's being taught.

It's important for children to be in a positive environment while they learn because it will affect them throughout their lifetime.

In this short blog, we highlight why classroom furniture can help create a better educational experience for both teachers and students as well as how it affects their performance over time.

As you read about classroom furniture, we hope that this eBook will help answer the question: How can good classroom furniture help with learning?

This is why it's important to invest in quality and durable pieces of school furniture.

A well-thought-out design plan for a classroom space needs to include considerations for both children and teachers.

If these two aspects are not taken into account, then there could be many problems such as increased distractions. When the environment is too distracting, students tend to lose focus on what they're doing which may lead them to misbehave.

Investing in appropriate seating arrangements should have your back while creating an inviting atmosphere where kids want to learn and engage with the lesson.

It is crucial all of the classroom furniture is fit for purpose.

The use of a variety of seating will allow students to have the appropriate level for their age and size.

The design should be functional but also aesthetically pleasing so that when children enter the classroom, they are met with what feels like a safe and happy environment. This will especially help younger pupils who are returning from school holidays.

It is important to invest in quality furniture pieces that can withstand heavy usage over time without showing signs of wear or breakages. When it comes to good school furniture, there's no room for compromise!

Good school furniture affects everything from concentration levels and performance rates to an individual student's ability to learn." - Fiona Walsh (teacher)

This means by investing in high-quality chairs and desks you're not only providing quality furniture but also a better chance of your students enjoying their education.

Create a room that is aesthetically pleasing so that when children enter into the classroom they are met with what feels like a safe and happy environment, as well as give teachers peace of mind knowing their investment won't break or impact children's welfare.

Children who are feeling mentally well-rested, happy and safe can be expected to behave better throughout the day in class.

Classroom storage should be the next element to look at once you have tables & chairs fit for purpose.

Allowing students to safely store their own belongings alongside the school’s supplies will create a better learning environment. Ideally, you would want each pupil to have their own storage space.

This has two main benefits; benefit one it helps students of all ages understand reasonability & ownership. The second benefit is that the pupil will know their stuff is safe, this is especially helpful for students who suffer from anxiety.

We have found parents also love their children having their own storage space, during parents evenings these units can come in handy! They also make a great impression during open days, where parents of new students can see the school looks after every pupil and allows them to store items from home within the classroom safely.

Pupils with storage spaces will find that they learn and perform better.

The benefits are not just for the students, it's also a good move from an education perspective as teachers can use these areas to store resources like books or project materials safely out of sight during lessons giving them more space on their desk.

Furthermore, when children have their belongings stored within the classroom they'll be less likely to forget something at school which is great news if you're looking after younger pupils who don't always remember everything! It can also stop problems arising over forgotten items getting lost in someone else’s bag or locker; this improves relationships between peers too.

As we all know one of the most important things about any learning environment is student relationships, if everyone in the class gets along, teachers will have an easier time and this benefits both staff and pupils.

It is however important to not just focus on furniture for the students, you also need to ensure teachers are happy and have ergonomic seating which will have physical conditions such as back pain and prevent fatigue in the long run.

In terms of furniture for teachers, it is important to find a desk that can integrate space for a laptop or computer.

Teachers need to be able to have a computer or laptop on their desk if they want, so the best desks are ones with additional sectors. This allows for space to be expanded when needed.

Overall it is important to find furniture that keeps both your students and staff safe, well-rested and secure.

Key Points:

  • Classroom furniture can help with learning and better education.
  • The best desks are ones that allow space for both written work and computers
  • Think about your staff not only the students when designing your classroom layout
  • Ensure all furniture is the correct size for each child, especially in older year groups where children are growing at a different rate.