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How tables & chairs can help assist engagement in the classroom

by Guy Hudson on July 30, 2021

There are many ways that a classroom can be enhanced to improve learning. For instance, some teachers struggle with their presentation or lack of interest in the subject matter for students; adding art room furniture is one way to combat this issue and make teaching more appealing. Use these few tips on what you should look out for when picking out new pieces!

Tables & Desks 

A teacher's job is to encourage students and lead them in the right direction, but it can be difficult when there are so many different personalities. In order for a student with creative talents to thrive, they need more than just encouragement-they also require space on which to work in peace.

When desks or tables aren't set up properly, that's even worse! When an individual desk does not provide enough room for one person let alone two people sharing a desk side by side at an angle of 45 degrees each way - how could you expect creativity?  Instead try using large rectangular or square tables that allow group collaborations among like minds while still allowing ample amounts of personal workspace as well as freedom from distraction from other groups working nearby. 


What many are not aware of is that the tone and style of furniture in a learning environment can have more influence on how well students learn than one may imagine. Think about it: an art room with beige walls, typical dingy school flooring, brown desks, and stereotypical seating? Or looking at those same tables enhanced by colourful seats for groups to sit together? Even though there's only slight difference here--the chairs make all the difference.