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How to clean your classroom carpet & rugs

by Guy Hudson on July 22, 2021

How to clean your classroom carpet & rugs

You've finally taken the plunge and purchased or ordered a new educational carpet for your classroom. It will be brilliant, but you have to consider it is not just any old rug - it's one for kids! There are some important things that need to happen in order to keep these carpets clean though without too much of a hassle. Let us take you through my cleaning process from start-to-finish so we can avoid problems down the line. Keeping on top of the cleaning process on all educational furniture is important for both the longevity and hygiene of your classroom furniture.

Bleach isn’t a good idea in classrooms or for classroom carpets

Bleach and other strong chemicals can cause severe harm to your carpet. The dye might run, for instance, and the learning blocks on your floor might start bleeding into one another. To avoid this from happening make sure that you steer clear of any cleaning products containing bleach because they are not always safe to use or be around in a place where children often play. If it's hard knowing which cleaners contain bleach then stay away altogether until there is more information about what is good for carpets!


Spot test the carpet before using any products

We want to emphasize the importance of researching your rug cleaner before you begin. We've heard enough horror stories about rugs being ruined during cleaning, so we don't want it happening to you as well! You can avoid this by testing a corner of the rug first and waiting patiently for any color changes or other reactions that result from using your chosen product.

Dry cleaning products do a good job 

You should use dry cleaners to keep your classroom rug and carpet clean. Powdered form of the product can easily be vacuumed away with no unpleasant residue left on it while also being approved for cleaning, unlike other products that might not work as well or have adverse effects when used.

Dab one area gently 

Resist the urge to scrub at your carpets after a stain. The best way to clean educational area carpeting is by blotting, although it may take you longer and feel as though you're not doing an adequate job cleaning up the mess. Follow instructions carefully; do not start scrubbing harshly or else there will be fuzzy areas in that spot where excessive force was applied which could compromise its durability for future use.

Keep on top of maintenance and cleaning 

The main benefits of our classroom carpets and rugs is their low maintenance. Regular cleaning with the rest of the classroom is often enough to keep the rugs durable for a long period of time. If you ever do have any emergency cleaning to attend to on your classroom rug just follow the tips above to restore it to its original condition safely.