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What Kind Of Storage Is Best For Your Classroom

by Tabitha Loose on December 20, 2021

Storage is an important part of any classroom. What kind of storage is best for your classroom, though? There are a few things to consider when making that decision. Keep reading to learn more. 

When you’re setting up your classroom for the school year, it’s important to choose the right type of storage to fit your needs. You may be wondering what the best option is – should you go with traditional cabinets and shelves or something more modern like cloud storage? Here are a few things to consider when making your decision.


Why is classroom storage important 

One of the most important pieces that make up a successful classroom is organisation. This includes keeping everything in its place, from neat desks to well-labeled shelves and cabinets; it also means following guidelines, so classes flow smoothly without any hiccups or interruptions for students (or teachers!). Effective storage can be one way to maintain management when teaching effectively because if items have their proper spot on campus, we'll know where they're needed next. 

When designing a classroom, it is important to consider how students will interact with the space. A messy environment can lead them down paths of distraction and discomfort while trying just enough to focus on their task at hand - which lacklustre activity often leads up to.


Types of storage

The primary function of a storage system is to keep items packed in an organised way. A successful classroom design will acknowledge that there's more than one type and use for it, making sure you're able to accommodate all your kids' needs.


Storage walls' teaching walls 

Teaching walls are a great way to organise your classroom. They use space more efficiently by combining teaching and storage in one area, freeing up the other three walls for often displaying objects or projectors that need attention.

The design of teaching walls is tailored to increase focus and reduce distraction. By keeping objects in a neat position, the centrality falls onto teachers who can use this space efficiently with their technology while also being surrounded by educational materials at all times.


Storage Display walls/ shelves 

A display wall is a versatile unit that can be designed to adapt to the space in its being used. This element provides neat organisation while showcasing student work, from bookshelves for libraries and art rooms, racks of displays during mathematics lessons, or pillars holding up ceilings.


Tray storage 

Tr tray storage maximises space by using colour coordination. Labels on specific drawers make it easy for teachers or students alike to identify what is stored inside each one, personalising them according to individual needs.


Bag storage

Bag straps are a tripping hazard. Considering most will usually have two straps, they can entrap ankles like an enraged octopus and send you sprawling to the ground with all your belongings bouncing around helplessly following suit. Stowing bags correctly is about neatness- being secure and ensuring emergency routes for when needed in case anything happens.



 Buying classroom storage from our website can help you avoid headaches. We offer various types of storage that are perfect for any situation to make your students and teachers happy. Contact us if you have questions about what type of display wall or shelving would be best in the school environment and how to take care of all the installation work so it’s hassle-free!


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