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          Classroom Chairs (10)

          One Piece Chair - Pack of 4 (Seat H310mm)


          Sturdy Chair - Pack of 2 (Seat H140mm)


          Beech Stacking Chair - Pack of 4


          Sturdy Feeding Chair (Seat H200mm)


          One Piece Chair - Pack of 4 (Seat H260mm)


          One Piece Chair - Pack of 4 (Seat H210mm)


          Sturdy Chair - Pack of 2 (Seat H200mm)


          Sturdy Feeding Chair (Seat H140mm)


          Teacher Low Chair (Seat H310)


          Low High Chair


          Classroom Chairs For Schools 

          We offer a fantastic array of high quality furniture for schools and provide a great long standing service to the education market. Whether you’re keen to update your classroom furnishings, you need extra storage or you’re looking to overhaul your canteen space, we guarantee that there will be something in our vast selection of chairs, tables, bookcases and storage solutions. You might find everything from standard Classroom Furniture all the way up School Desks among many other options no matter what kind of environment they are designed for. Our range of classroom chairs is perfect for schools, colleges and universities. Why not browse through our fantastic selection to find the perfect chair for your needs?

          We offer a wide range of furniture that can suit any need, from classic wooden chairs all the way up to luxurious leather seats - take your pick!

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