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Magnetic Telescopic Flip Chart Easel


Non-Magnetic Telescopic Flip Chart Easel


Storage For Schools

Have you been looking for a new storage solution in your classroom? We offer many solutions and have everything from simple to very unique, so find the perfect fit. Our tray units are available in different colours and sizes with options that can accommodate deep or shallow trays; they come complete with coverings too! You may also be interested in our arts organisation solutions which includes a multi-purpose cupboard as well as school trolleys.

Our products include both versatile tray unit models designed to take up little room on desks while still providing plenty of space for books, supplies, utensils etc., plus larger desk organisers made specifically for those who need more vertical surface area than is offered by standard countertops like desks/tables/desks. The perfect solution for storage in the classroom is our Professional grade storage solutions. We offer you many options to suit any size, shape and style and have everything from simple to very unique. Our tray units come in different colours with a variety of mediums they can hold- deep or shallow trays, complete with coverings too! Alternatively, if storage needs are bigger we have arts organisation solutions available including a multi-purpose cupboard as well as school trolleys.



What wood is the tray unit made from?

Our tray unit is available in both beech wood and maple wood - two trendy woods that are always popular with designers and interior decorators alike! Available colours: bubblegum fizz, cherry cola, orange soda, limeade.