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Whiteboards (15)

Magnetic Mobile Pivot Writing Board - Portrait


Non-Magnetic Mobile Pivot Writing Board - Portrait


Magnetic Mobile Swivel Writing Board - Portrait


Non-Magnetic Mobile Swivel Writing Board - Portrait


Magnetic Viterous Enamel Steel Wall Mounted Writing Board


Magnetic Coated Steel Wall Mounted Writing Board


Non-Magnetic Double-Sided Wall Mounted Writing Board


Whiteboards For Schools

Whiteboards in schools are taking over the chalkboard. They’re mess-free with maximum effectiveness, and they've become quite popular since their introduction to classrooms. Utilizing the modern technology of a whiteboard, Whiteboards For Schools helps your students learn with maximum effectiveness. Designed specifically for primary schools our smaller size is great for students and teachers. If you are looking for a reliable, sustainable product that adapts well to all kinds of needs and environments, then our range of white boards designed especially for secondary schools will suit your needs just as well as they have suited others who have already made the move to whiteboarding their classrooms or offices

Whiteboards for primary schools 

We offer a range of whiteboards designed specifically for primary schools. This come at a smaller size than our standard whiteboards to help with ease of use for younger children. 

Whiteboards for secondary schools 

Our range of whiteboards for secondary schools are designed for both teachers and students. We offer different sized whiteboards to suit your exact requirements, these included by are not limited to; mini whiteboards for classrooms, medium sized classroom white boards & large classrooms that can be used by both teachers and students.