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5 Reasons You Need Carpets in Your Classroom

Carpets are not just for your home. They can also be a great way to add style and colour to any classroom! On top of the added comfort of walking on carpet, school rugs serve many purposes: they help students focus in their seats; provide extra padding if you have hard floors or furniture; make it easier to clean up spills...the list goes on! Read below as we break down 6 reasons that carpets should definitely find their place at your desk this year.

Group Student Activities

When you gather your students up for circle time, a carpet in the destination spot can serve as an anchor. Students won't question where to sit because they know that sitting on the rug is required - and if even one student decides not to obey this rule then it's easy enough just to move them away from their classmates who are trying hard. The edges of these rugs also become defined places for kids- so be sure no one gets too close or sits outside of those lines!

Noise Reduction 

The sound of chaos can be hard to control when a school is in session. Carpets help reduce the noise by absorbing it, rather than amplifying it like other materials would do.

Extra Seating Options

A creative way to manage classroom seating is by placing rugs on the floor. A carpet doesn't take up much space and can offer a cushion for students who are sitting, playing or lying down during activities in your room! Place different coloured carpets around the room as gathering points where kids will sit when doing their assignments or taking quizzes 

Less slips & falls

A slippery tile floor can cause falls and injuries to your students. Save yourself the headaches with a carpet for optimum safety during those wet months!

Add Colour To The Classroom

The carpet on your classroom floor can have a tremendous impact. It is one of the first things that people notice when they walk in and it sets the tone for what students should expect from their time there. Many schools use them to set an expectation or theme, but also as a way to make each room feel homey and cosy. When you're shopping around for colours, patterns, or styles be sure to think about how they will look with your other decorations before making any decisions so everything meshes together nicely!