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Hadron Disinfectant Wipes (pack of 6)
Hadron Disinfectant Wipes (pack of 6)
Hadron Disinfectant Wipes (pack of 6)
Hadron Disinfectant Wipes (pack of 6)

Hadron Disinfectant Wipes (pack of 6)

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Infused with Hadron Green cutting edge cleaning solution. Our convenient large hygienic wipes are tough on germs but not on hands or surfaces.

  • Kills all viruses & bacteria
  • No hazard labelling required
  • Dermatologically tested as excellent
  • 24 hour active residual kill
  • Suitable for all surfaces
  • Prevents mutation and highly effective against multi-resistant organisms

23gsm wipe, 20 x 20cm

Dermatologically tested as “excellent” and corrosion tested as “non-corrosive”. No hazard warnings.

Certified to be virucidal, bactericidal and yeasticidal. Active residuals work for up to 24 hours according to BSI: PAS 2424.

The Hadron Formula - How it works

Formulated using nature’s natural defences against pathogens Hadron’s products are backed up with a long list of test standards including EN14476, EN1276, EN16615 and EN1650. As well as being an excellent degreaser, Hadron Green kills all bacteria and viruses (including enveloped viruses) as well as a wide range of mycobacteria, yeasts, fungi and spores.

Scientifically formulated and using natural materials, our cleaning solution is the most effective all in one available today. Suitable for all surfaces but tough on viruses and bacteria – we’ve taken the time to produce a hygiene solution without compromise.

We are working in conjunction with the University of Nottingham to increase our growing list of testing standards. Hadron products are as effective as current (and often) more abrasive alternatives.

Active substances:
Lactic acid (CAS no.50-21-5): 0.36, Tartaric acid (CAS no.87-69-4): 0.616, Peppermint oil (CAS no.8006-90-4): 0.099, Lavender oil (CAS no.8000-28-0): 0.099.

Use biocides safely:
Always read the label and product information before use. If medical attention is required, have the product container or label to hand.
HWUDF3-200T is governed by a Biocidal Product Regulation (Annex 1) and approved according to Simplified Authorisation under ECHA. Simplified Authorisation No: UK-2018-1168

To use:
Tear open air tight plastic pouch across the top. Pull the wipe from the centre of the log to use. Use a wipe to clean the surface and remove any gross contamination prior to disinfection. Use a new wipe to disinfect the surface to ensure optimum efficacy. Allow surface to air dry.

Store in a safe, dry, frost-free place at 5-30 degrees Celsius. Do not store in direct sunlight. Dispose of contents/container in accordance with local regulations.