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Cloakroom Storage (11)

Cloakroom Top with 8 Compartments - Bubblegum


Cloakroom Bottom with 4 Deep Trays - Bubblegum


Cloakroom Top with Shelf & Hanging Rail - Bubblegum


Cloakroom Bottom with 8 Shallow Tray - Bubblegum


Cloakroom Top with 4 Open Compartments - Bubblegum


Cloakroom Top with 8 Hooks - Bubblegum


Cloakroom Upright bars - Bubblegum


Cloakroom bottom with boot rack - Bubblegum


Cloakroom Storage For Schools

Kindergarten, primary school and high schools are all places where clutter can easily accumulate. Classroom Direct provides a storage solution with their cloakrooms and children's furniture. The space is invaluable for storing coats, bags, backpacks and anything else that needs to be stowed away from the classroom after lessons end so it doesn't distract students or teachers in other classes who might pass by.

Cloakroom benches provide seating while lockers offer safe spaces to store valuables like textbooks at home time when they're not needed anymore during class hours. Classroom Direct has provided an affordable way to store your school's proliferation of items. Cloakrooms provide storage for jackets, backpacks and a safe haven for valuables like textbooks during student-free times such as recess or lunch. Lockers offer the same secure space throughout the day as students come and go from classes.