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          Educational Disinfectant (4)

          Hadron Disinfectant 5L Spray Refill (pack of 2) - Education


          Hadron Disinfectant 1L Trigger Spray (pack of 6) - Education


          Hadron Disinfectant Wipes Refill (pack of 6)


          Hadron Disinfectant Wipes (pack of 6)

          The #1 Virucidal Cleaner and Disinfectant. Our disinfectant meets all current requirements for educational infection control, it's less harmful than market leaders and provides 24 hour active residual kill - sound too good to be true? Well our Hadron virucidal cleaner can also fog any sized room with instant occupancy after use! Children, students, staff...everyone will appreciate the convenience of this amazing product when they need a quick wipe down in between lessons or before entering into another group activity area.

          Do you ever feel like your school & classroom is not as clean as it could be because there are so many different kids coming through that have germs on their hands from touching everything? Not anymore thanks to Hadron Group! Their new product has been proven safe for everyone.
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